Circle Rate in Pune: Navigating Property Transactions


In Pune's real estate sector, the ready reckoner rate holds immense significance. It serves as the minimum price of a property set by the state government for calculating stamp duty and registration charges during property transactions. Essentially, it acts as a yardstick to prevent undervaluation of properties, ensuring fair deals and revenue generation for the government.

Factors Affecting Ready Reckoner Rate Pune

Several factors influence the ready reckoner rate in Pune. These include:


The location of a property is one of the primary factors determining its ready reckoner rate. Properties situated in prime areas with high demand often command higher rates compared to those in less sought-after locations.

Property Size and Type

The size and type of property also play a crucial role. Larger properties or those with luxurious amenities tend to have higher ready reckoner rates than smaller or standard properties.

Infrastructure Development

The level of infrastructure development in the vicinity can impact the ready reckoner rate. Areas with excellent connectivity and proximity to commercial hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities generally have higher rates.

Market Trends

Market dynamics and trends significantly influence the ready reckoner rate. Factors such as demand-supply dynamics, economic conditions, and prevailing market rates can lead to fluctuations in the ready reckoner rates over time.

Ready Reckoner Rate Pune - List for Major Areas


Ready Reckoner Rate (per sq. ft.)


Rs 44,070 - Rs 60,320


Rs 36,400 - Rs 42,300


Rs 36,400 - Rs 42,300


Rs 49,330 - Rs 60,450


Rs 42,760 - Rs 83,830


Rs 42,230 - Rs 57,480


Rs 41,240 - Rs 71,880


Rs 38,180 - Rs 80,930


Rs 40,440 - Rs 49,710


Rs 42,180 - Rs 50,620


Rs 50,870 - Rs 88,170

How to Find Ready Reckoner Rate

Ready Reckoner Rate Online

Finding the ready reckoner rate online has become increasingly convenient with the digitization of government records. The state government's official website typically provides access to the ready reckoner rates for various areas in Pune. Users can search for specific locations to obtain the relevant rates.

Ready Reckoner Rate Offline

Alternatively, individuals can visit the local sub-registrar office or municipal corporation office to inquire about the ready reckoner rates offline. These offices maintain records of ready reckoner rates for different areas and provide assistance to those seeking this information.


The ready reckoner rate plays a crucial role in property transactions in Pune, serving as a benchmark for determining stamp duty and registration charges. It reflects the minimum value of a property set by the government, considering various factors such as location, size, infrastructure, and market trends. Understanding the ready reckoner rate is essential for both buyers and sellers to ensure fair and transparent transactions.

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